Solar Panel Cleaning Service

 We use a proven, solar panel cleaning system that is gentle on solar panels yet effective at removing the dirt and grime that cuts down the suns rays going to the elements in your solar panels.

Our Pure Water solar panel cleaning system will clean away dirt, minerals and general grime, and since the water that we use has been de-ionised, and has no dissolved solids, it will leave no residue on the surface of your newly cleaned solar panel the way tap water will. 

Is solar panel cleaning really necessary? Yes, if you want to keep up the best output from your solar panels, and thus get the best value for money, and faster return on your investment.

Just like your windows, solar panels get dirty from the general grime in the air, minerals and salts in the rain water, bird droppings, spiders webs etc. These all cut down on the level of sun that gets through to your solar panels, and they need cleaned off. We offer a Solar Panel cleaning service for homes and businesses.


House ProudWindow Cleaning has embraced the latest Aquashine pure water cleaning technology to give unbeatable cleaning results on even the dirtiest of windows. Using purified, de-ionised water we can clean windows up to 60 feet high, all from the safety of the ground. 

This method of high reach cleaning offers peace of mind for you knowing that your property is being cleaned without workers taking any unnecessary risks.

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